Detainment [noun]

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Diplomats and foreign journalists who have visited the region almost universally report being repeatedly detained by authorities and blocked from approaching areas where camps are located.

He stopped attending classes for several weeks last year when he thought his mother might need expensive medical treatment in Guatemala, and again when his father wound up briefly detained in immigration custody.

The protesters, who were arrested while chalking on the street, were released an hour after they were detained.

It also found that people detained there receive inadequate mental health treatment, medical care and are often denied needed dental care.

The clinics can’t detain you, but you should cancel all travel plans and self-isolate as soon as possible.

Authorities in the western province of Xinjiang, for example, have deployed widespread surveillance systems to collect facial recognition, smartphone, and other tracking data to monitor and detain members of the region’s minority Uighur population.

After Eduardo, a teenager from Guatemala, and his two younger cousins were detained while crossing into Arizona last year, Border Patrol officials accused him of trafficking the children, he said.

It is unclear how far the actions of the security personnel went — or whether they even had authority to detain Turner.

Obianuju Iloanya’s brother Chijioke has not been seen since he was detained eight years ago by a Nigerian police unit notorious for its brutality.

San Diego police records show 70 percent were detained for unlawful assembly violations, but four months later, no one from those initial protests has been charged – and the odds they ever will are getting smaller.