Dilettantes [adjective]

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Delivering water helps “dispel the nagging guilt of a slumming dilettante, but only a little” Hardin writes, while wondering whether it’s possible to make a difference in a place “where the devastation extends back decades.”

Suggestions ranged from the dilettante purse designer played by Jennifer Coolidge in the original series to Leslie Jones, who seemed to have Samantha confused with Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Brands to knowAs with most electronics, certain brands become synonymous with certain types of products because in this space it’s better to be a master of one or two things than a dilettante in a lot of things.

This deficiency in technique must even debar him from claiming any higher signification than that of a clever dilettante.

He had dropped in in a dilettante spirit to hear the spirited debate, and the judges were greatly honored.

With increase of reading we have fallen into a fireside, dilettante culture of ideas as an intellectual pleasure.

Do not suspect that I impose on you the task of writing letters to answer my dilettante questions.

I believe this to be the test to distinguish the mere dilettante from the artist of real genius.

Still it was not unattractive to the dilettante, and he rode beside Trimble with profit to his knowledge of men and affairs.

We can commend Sabin for enlarging Power's dilettante list into a reference work.