Dinette [noun]

Definition of Dinette:

room for serving meals

Synonyms of Dinette:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dinette:


Sentence/Example of Dinette:

One example is the dinette table, which swivels to allow whoever is seated in the middle of the U-shaped booth to get out without anyone else having to get up.

Her brown eyes, roving about the spick and span little dinette, took in every detail.

Ignoring the invitation, Mr. Franklin entered the dinette, blocking the doorway.

The girls seemed to gather in the dinette and we sat around in the living room, talking.

He went from dinette to kitchen to bedroom to living room, turning off each set individually.

She punched a button and a dinette table popped out of the wall.

Four could sleep in the forward cabin, and two amidships where the galley, dinette, and bath were located.

The boys sat at the dinette table and sipped with relish, listening to the storm outside.