Disembodied [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disembodied:

Isabel's imagination dilated him into a disembodied intellect surrounded by mere statues of human flesh.

Evan Lamotte, looking like a lost and almost disembodied spirit.

He had ruled that timid, trusting girl too long and too imperiously to quail before her disembodied spirit.

As the last one disappeared from view, a disembodied shape merged from beneath the long table and vanished into the room beyond.

It shows that the disembodied state in sheol is not an unconscious state, but one of consciousness.

This day I look back at those young figures groping through cloud as at disembodied and blessed spirits.

In all of these conceptions, therefore, the disembodied soul is represented as remaining within this world.

Spiritualists attribute the movement and the dictations at their séances to the action of disembodied intelligences.

He seemed to have shed his blundering, encumbering personality, and come to life as a disembodied intelligence.

While all the time the disembodied voice gave him stern advice in simple language.