Dispersions [noun]

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Here are four distinct predictions; national peculiarity, grievous oppression, universal dispersion and remarkable preservation.

The dispersion of the gusts shakes the streaming locks of the wind upon the four corners of the horizon.

In February, 1778, there was almost a famine in the camp, and Washington feared a general mutiny and dispersion.

The elaboration of the meanings of the Swastika indicated above and its dispersion or migrations form the subject of this paper.

The camp was stormed, and with the dispersion of its defenders the revolt came suddenly to an end.

This, however, was not soon to be done; the dispersion from the meadow having been made in every possible direction.

They went into captivity—the dispersion among all the nations of the earth—on account of their iniquities.

The bright morning has come, the day dawn for His people, so long in the night of suffering and dispersion.

The dispersion of his library was a loss to the world, for every scholar had been allowed access to it during the owners life.

Through them the experience of the dispersion was brought to bear upon the Palestinian Jews.