Disruptions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disruptions:

He adds that given the disruption of coronavirus, it’s likely that dropout rates could be higher than average this year.

Amazon’s cloud service controls nearly half the global market, and takes much of the web down with it whenever it experiences disruptions.

Apple previously said on an earnings call that its upcoming iPhone 12 launch would be delayed by “a few weeks,” likely due to supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Nor will these disruptions wait for the worst environmental changes to occur.

They weren’t particularly focused on all the things that come with scaling a business, such as limitless growth, total market disruption, and raising loads of professional money.

We need to reopen to prevent further disruption in the nation’s food supply.

Change was possible, but to do so would require adjustments to the well-oiled machine and a disruption to its operating manual.

The global companies that are heavily reliant on China for global sourcing and production must diversity away of China to reduce future disruptions and risks to their business and customers.

“Both physical and transition risks could give rise to systemic and sub-systemic financial shocks, potentially causing unprecedented disruption in the proper functioning of financial markets and institutions,” it warns.

Meanwhile, a still-festering pandemic threatens to flare up and cause deeper disruptions worldwide.