Distrusting [verb]

Definition of Distrusting:

be suspicious, skeptical of

Synonyms of Distrusting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distrusting:

Sentence/Example of Distrusting:

Without distrusting the certainty of my calculations, we must do something to bring about results.

The King's daughter is distrusting her Father, and pitying herself, Sylvia.

He felt that he could thus annoy and embarrass the administration; but still, distrusting Carteaux, he waited.

I think I must tell you the secret, though I am distrusting my power to make it grow into a published fact.

He dreaded above all things the charge of vulgarity, distrusting his first wife's taste, not being quite sure of his own.

It needs but a few days to show up the absurdity of distrusting the military availability of these people.

My defence fulfilled its end: Madeline died without distrusting the innocence of him she loved.

Carson, distrusting them, was not unprepared; but with a band of tried men inflicted such blows as were not soon forgotten.

Distrusting my own resolution, I have fled, and henceforth I am dead to him and to you.

How can I hope for a hearing, if I begin by distrusting it where I myself am concerned?