Dowels [noun]

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The advantage of this cradle is obvious, preventing as it does any tendency of the partly-formed dowel to slip or wobble.

The template is put on the ends of the straight pole, and the dowel centres are pricked into the wood.

Fig. 192 shows a completed dowel with a small groove running along its entire length.

Fig. 209 shows the top portion of a table leg and a home-made dowel gauge.

When it sounds best, glue the dowel in place and allow it to dry before sawing it off and cutting the slanting part.

If a rolling sound is desired, put in a pea before gluing the dowel in place.

Make the dowel for twisting the two cords on the back of the bow so as to bend the bow as desired.

The chimney top with the dowel attached to it below is made to revolve so that the Hygroscope may be adjusted.

Because the ramrod and handle are rather heavy, a strong dowel is put thru the handle and ramrod.

A hole is bored and a dowel, preferably of hardwood, glued in it, the grain at right angles to that of the piece.