Dramatists [noun]

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Such contemporary dramatists as Theresa Rebeck, Craig Wright and Caleen Sinnette Jennings tried out new work for her.

William Kenrick, an English dramatist and miscellaneous writer, died.

In the literary and dramatic world Tchaikovsky had two good friends—the dramatist Ostrovsky and Sadovsky.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan, an English dramatist, wit and orator, died.

Indeed, both the young gallant himself and all his satellites can safely be put down as creations of the actor-dramatist.

But every scientific man can tell you a little about nature, and every dramatist can tell you a little about dramatic truth.

I only trust that I have shown you how very practical the laws of dramatic construction are in the way they influence a dramatist.

As for the great Irish dramatist, this paper leaves him still wishing that some one would tread on the tail of his coat.

The dramatist "may call up the shadows of the past, but like the Witch of Endor, in order to constrain them to reveal the future."

Yet it was one of these fanciful writers who invented the very useful word dramatist for "a writer of plays."