Drawers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Drawers:

I used to have two or three drawers full of drawings and account-books that were brought from the works.

In one of ole Miss's bureau drawers was a large plain linen handkerchief which was never used.

Ethel ran after her sister, and pulling out drawers without knowing what she sought, begged to hear how papa and Margaret were.

Mrs. McAllister looked the garage over, and observed the newly labeled drawers.

Every chest of drawers, and wardrobe, and closet in the house was ransacked, to find bed-quilts and blankets for the army.

There was a grand turn-out of drawers of rubbish, all over Margaret, raising such a cloud of dust as nearly choked her.

They broke open chests and drawers, and pocketed what money and jewelry they could find in them.

She first showed Digby a large room fitted all round with lockers, or drawers, and numbers on each.

Among other things, a fair chest of drawers for my own chamber, and an Indian gown for myself.

Going to the chest of drawers, he took out a large, time-stained document and spread it before them.