Dredger [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dredger:

I am rusty and ponderous at the start, like an old dredger that has stuck too long in the mud.

Around Oroville and along the Feather river may be seen that marvel of gold mining, the electric dredger.

Far up the river a gold dredger was at work, the low rumble of its machinery carried on the soft morning breeze.

An excellent remedy for scalds is always at hand in the kitchen—the flour dredger.

It gives, however, excellent results with sand and gravel, and for this work is much superior to the bucket dredger.

Small enemy vessels suddenly appeared and engaged him, and he was further fired at from a dredger which had a machine-gun.

Just at the present moment, had he been inclined to square accounts, he had no leisure; for a sudden cry of “Dredger!”

We illustrate below a dredger of simple construction, well calculated for doing useful work on shallow streams.

They are "going to" charter a steam dredger, and so improve the harbour, which is dangerous.

Her colour was grey; would not a thick coating of flour from my dredger make all right?