Dressmakers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dressmakers:

Her clothes were good and new, but some desolate dressmaker had contrived to invest them with an air of hopeless dowdiness.

It appears that some years before her marriage she had worked as dressmaker for the Birotteaus.

The inexorable dressmaker cannot conceal from Caroline the fact that her form is altered.

She is an admirable young woman, and was a dressmaker before he married her.

The designing and cutting are the work of a head dressmaker.

If she is really a competent dressmaker, her employment is assured.

The dressmaker on the first floor has ladies of the aristocracy for her customers; there is always a carriage before our door.'

The scene is at a dressmaker's; the cast: the modiste, two dressmakers, and sewing-girls.

He described imaginary feminine curves with the unction of a male dressmaker.

Juno asks Venus the name of her dressmaker, and sends a servant to tell “the Master” that “coffee is served.”