Drowse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Drowse:

Will not one puff of that narcotic breath drowse deep all watching dragons, and make for him the sleeping beauties of his will?

Slowly before the drowse of darkness, the noises quieted and the fires died down.

It is as if all these years I had been in a drowse in my mind, and had suddenly sprung up throbbingly awake.

And it may be, as they sit there and drowse and dream, that the Hollow Tree People creep up close and watch them.

Her rambling drowse naturally brought back the whole trip to Hillsborough and her conversation with Bertha.

With a slight shrug and another mysterious smile, he closed his eyes and pretended to drowse.

He dare not drowse, for he cannot tell at what moment the quarry may appear.

The smoke from the burning wood made his eyes grow heavy; he began to drowse.

Her love had begun during their ride on the lagoon, in their delicious drowse on the grass.

Then, left alone, he gradually yielded to the sedative effect of dinner and drink and fell into a drowse.