Dumbly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Dumbly:

I mean on one end, you’ve got systems which, you know, can do many of the things that narrow AI or dumb AI, if you like can do today, but sort of all at once.

Chen makes an important point that many obvious ideas in tech started as dumb ideas.

Let’s stop doing dumb stuff like this and embrace proven strategies like permanent supportive housing that will solve San Diego’s homelessness crisis.

Many Bitcoin owners have adopted a “Play dumb and hope for the best” strategy when it comes to taxes.

A version of this article appears in the October 2020 issue of Fortune with the headline “What makes artificial intelligence look dumb.”

He left her without a word or a backward look towards the seat where she sat dumbly weeping.

She made a little gesture, as if she dumbly answered some futile question, and her hands dropped idly into her lap.

Frequently she looked into his face with a plea dumbly eloquent, but did not again put her fear for him into words.

He sat staring at her dumbly, wondering if he were awake or dreaming.

She looked at him dumbly, unable to keep her lips from twitching.