Foolishly [adverb]

Definition of Foolishly:

idiotic, without due consideration

Synonyms of Foolishly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foolishly:

Sentence/Example of Foolishly:

He wore no hat and scarcely needed one, and while his physique was that of a mighty man his face was foolishly weak and vain.

The most myopic of creatures could have seen that Anne was foolishly in love with her rascal husband.

In her dim, cushioned corner Mollie Gretna lay back against the wall, her face pale and her weak mouth foolishly agape.

I have foolishly undertaken to write music for a ballet Cinderella, at a very small fee.

When any new danger threatens they lay the blame on Moses; they even foolishly regret that they had not died in Egypt.

Sometimes human societies have built so foolishly upon it that the result has been collapse.

It was all that I could say, and then all of a sudden I came to myself and stood there laughing very foolishly.

He kicked his legs into the air, rolled around, wallowed and otherwise acted foolishly.

But Danny was of late becoming foolishly obstinate in his sprees, and less disposed to "git" when a landlord had done with him.

He felt that he had acted foolishly, and his reluctance to tell his story to his young friends, therefore, was only natural.