Dyspnea [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dyspnea:

After the dyspnea has passed the edges of the wound should be brought together with sutures.

The other is accompanied by dyspnea or asthma with a sense of discomfort and tightness of the chest that cannot be overcome.

Dizziness may be complained of and dyspnea is usually marked.

The patient has the symptoms resulting from dilatation,dyspnea and serous effusion.

In great dyspnea the horse stands with his front feet apart, with his neck straight out, and his head extended upon his neck.

The patient feels a commotion in his chest, dyspnea, precordial distress, etc.

There may be dyspnea and a sense of anguish accompanied with a rapid and feeble pulse.

Striking cyanosis is an early symptom, while there is little if any dyspnea and edema.

There comes a time when all forms of exercise must be prohibited on account of the dyspnea, edema, dizziness, etc.