Encountered [verb]

Definition of Encountered:

happen upon

Synonyms of Encountered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encountered:

Sentence/Example of Encountered:

Any psychotherapist who has analyzed thousands of dreams by various patients would be bound by simple chance to note coincidences at some point between elements in dreams and common events in real life, such as encounters with insects.

McDonald said he hopes that might help with an alarming widening of social groups and casual encounters, particularly among youths.

I had an encounter with an elderly lady who went to one of our distributions.

He postulates that psychedelic encounters with the seemingly divine feel so significant—so real—because the drugs also enhance the meaning people impose on experiences.

Then there are the harrowing encounters with extreme weather, natural disasters, venomous animals, or, worse, the death of an expedition member, which can be difficult to manage emotionally, especially with a long way still to go on a grueling trip.

Park had a serendipitous encounter with a supernova as a graduate student in the 1980s, while working on an experiment in a salt mine 600 meters under Lake Erie.

Even when he was in great pain during a recent hospital visit, Drew found joy in a chance encounter with a former caregiver.

New Horizons finally made the encounter in July of 2015, to the immense relief of scientists who had literally waited a substantial fraction of their lives between launch and arrival.

She recognized him from a “previous encounter in April,” police said, and called authorities.

It follows, then, that pandemic travel is adapting to minimize unplanned encounters as much as possible.