Endorsing [verb]

Definition of Endorsing:

support, authorize

Opposite/Antonyms of Endorsing:

Sentence/Example of Endorsing:

That Company failed, and Barnum took the stock as security for endorsing and furnishing them with cash.

We do not make this endeavour to describe Rosalind's frame of mind with a view to either endorsing or disclaiming her opinions.

I have just come in, and take pleasure in endorsing the above letter.

Miss Anthony was twice invited to address them, and the plank endorsing the amendment was adopted by a hearty and unanimous vote.

It may have been a sound remark from his point of view, but I'm rather surprised to hear you quoting and endorsing it.

Yes, Mr Bloom thoroughly agreed, entirely endorsing the remark, that was overwhelmingly right.

The note on which I took the liberty of endorsing Hamblin's name falls due next Wednesday.

This Letter, after endorsing the expressions of the preceding one, deals apparently with Capital and Labour.

This body by vote refused to send it back, thus endorsing it a second time.

Another cause of failure is: The habit of endorsing without security.