Ere [adverb]

Definition of Ere:

sooner than

Synonyms of Ere:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ere:


Sentence/Example of Ere:

Perhaps you will understand now that you ought to have asked my business ere you proposed to hang me off hand.

The pool was drained in 1866, and, having been filled up, its site will ere long be covered with streets of houses.

It burst upon them ere long with awful fury and grandeur, the elements warring with incredible vehemence.

A month later, he turned sharp round, ere half a morning walk was completed, and stumped back to the house.

"I supposed you 'adn't, as 'e ain't 'ere, with yer ma," replied the young person.

“Wait a minute 'ere,” said Mr. Levi, and he went into the room beyond this, where she knew there were writing materials.

“Shtay you 'ere a few minutes more,” said that gentleman, as he walked thoughtfully through the room and paused.

It was locked there so firmly that a score of men had to labor for hours next day ere it could be cleared.

“You'll go up them 'ere stairs, young 'oman; you'll not put a foot in the kitchen to-night,” he says more doggedly.

But he interrupted her ere she had gone far, "Mademoiselle de La Vauvraye," said he, "you overstate the matter."