Exhortatory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Exhortatory:

Comminatory and exhortatory cautions not to soil, spoil, or tear books and MSS.

The duty in our text, with the duty in our hands, pressing them on still in an exhortatory way.

I could take no part in it but an exhortatory one, because I was a stranger to the circumstances which should govern it.

His prayers and exhortatory teaching completely non-plussed the Chippewas.

Mr. Beecher on one occasion was informed that the head tutor of the class was about to make him a grave exhortatory visit.

Nevertheless, in the exhortatory names there is a general air of cheerful assurance.

It is from the same register we obtain examples of an exhortatory name known to have existed at this time, viz.

Many of the exhortatory names related to the fallen nature of man.

Do-good is exhortatory enough, but it rather smacks of works; hence, possibly, the reason why I have only seen it once.