Extracting [verb]

Definition of Extracting:

physically remove, draw out

Synonyms of Extracting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extracting:

Sentence/Example of Extracting:

They entered at once into the mines, extracting therefrom, the rich treasures that for a thousand ages lay hidden in the earth.

"Oh, but Mrs. Shadd—I have it here," said Henriette, opening her purse and extracting the paper.

This is a convenient instrument for extracting poisonous substances from the stomach.

Further experiments, however, showed that on extracting the poisonous gum with 50 per cent.

Nitrogen was found very readily by the soda lime test in the tar left after extracting the original material with 50 per cent.

He tried it in three different accents, without extracting any particular meaning therefrom.

They employ themselves in raising cattle, making sugar and honey, and extracting oil from the cacao fruit.

In the past few years many companies have been formed for cutting wood in the Gran Chaco and also for extracting tannin.

The collectors deliver the cones to a specified Ranger station or to some seed extracting plant.

And there was a conjurer with a gaping crowd, a quack extracting teeth, a ballad singer.