Fighters [noun]

Definition of Fighters:

person engaged in hostile encounter

Synonyms of Fighters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fighters:

Sentence/Example of Fighters:

They are sometimes obstinate and are desperate fighters, squealing and neighing on all occasions.

The men composing the regiment were fighters, but in their tactics differed little from the guerrillas.

We were near a hundred and fifty young Zerv fighters, and perhaps as many women and old men and children.

Ive seen a lot of booze-fighters, and helped tuck some of them underground, but I never saw any rum hound just like this guy.

These fighters for freedom seemed to know defeat only as a foundation upon which to build victory.

The pack of dogs, which used to be brought in when a bull was dangerous to the human fighters, has long been done away with.

They knew from experience that the hated "Wolf People" were brave and stubborn fighters, but they felt confident of victory.

Wolf Robe, the venerable Ogalala chief, had sent his best fighters to aid the Cheyennes.

An Indian is the most cautious and wily of fighters before he goes mad: and the most terribly reckless after.

It was a terrific struggle; not the skillful sparring of trained fighters, but the rough and tumble battling of primitive giants.