Generalize [verb]

Definition of Generalize:

make a sweeping assumption, statement

Synonyms of Generalize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generalize:

Sentence/Example of Generalize:

An algorithm that isn’t capable of retaining its previous memories is severely kneecapped in its ability to infer or generalize.

Several solvers, like Michael Branicky, Josh Silverman and Rajeev Pakalapati, generalized this method, finding a formula for the expected number of guesses for a dictionary with any number of words.

That’s because viral infections tend to rev up the immune system’s generalized antiviral defense system, known as the innate immune system.

The more environments LPG saw, the more it could successfully generalize.

DeepMind says LPG takes this a step further by discovering its own value function from scratch and generalizing to more complex environments.

But it would manifestly extend this article beyond its just limits, and we must therefore generalize our remaining notices.

It may be said that these were excrescences or city fashions; that one must not generalize.

Fortunately to generalize is only a part of the business of the historian.

From which it follows that men who use language are able to abstract or generalize their ideas.

We may generalize this instance so as to cover the causes of many memories.