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In recent years, “lo-fi chill” and other forms of “focus music” have become so popular that there are now multiple YouTube channels devoted to the genre.

Throughout the process, Thio worked with lo-fi producers to curate bass lines, drum lines, and background ambience that exemplify the genre and sound good.

Stell is a rapidly rising artist in the electronic and dance scene, though his songs don’t fit neatly in the genre.

Studios with a very focused portfolio around a specific genre — Viker’s core focus is social casino-type games — may benefit from advertisers who shift to more broad-based, contextual targeting, he added.

The genre-bender is well-cast and suspenseful, and the cliffhanger ending suggests there’s more to come.

Mrs. Woodbury paints in oils and water-colors; the latter are genre scenes, and among them are several Dutch subjects.

They live in Stockholm, where she paints portraits and genre subjects.

Occasionally this artist has painted genre subjects, but her real success has not been in this direction.

Unfortunately, the art of genre painting did not exist in those days, and that of engraving was in its infancy.

Tout le monde sait que l'Allemagne possede en ce genre des trsors qui ont t jusqu'ici comme enfouis pour la France.