Globe [noun]

Definition of Globe:

earth, sphere

Synonyms of Globe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Globe:


Sentence/Example of Globe:

Though the company is independent, it can rely on the manufacturing capacity that United Biomedical can provide around the globe.

An active MJO influences weather around the globe, including storminess in North America and Europe.

Now, a possible game-changing treatment that is weeks away could help Salerno and doctors across the globe save lives while they wait for a vaccine.

With the globe closely following the race to find an effective vaccine for the coronavirus, you can do your part by participating in a large-scale clinical trial.

Despite never seeing a global weather map, Laplace developed a theory predicting that continent-size pressure waves would periodically sweep around the globe.

Alberto de Palacio Ellisagne designed a 1,000-foot globe for the 1893 Chicago expo.

If you inflated the globe, for instance, New York and London would grow farther apart.

This will make it easier for customers around the globe to contact you at any point in time.

Among other pandemic-inspired projects underway across the globe is a device from a team in Spain.

That’s when a novel H1N1 strain of influenza swept across the globe.