Planet [noun]

Definition of Planet:

celestial body orbiting a star

Synonyms of Planet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Planet:


Sentence/Example of Planet:

That, at least, is a legitimate inference to draw from the history of life on this planet.

I didn't mean the revolutions on a planet, but the revolutions of a planet.

Above his head are the three symbols of the Moon, the Sun, and the planet Venus.

The sun does not shine the less because one side of our planet is in darkness.

The real rustic does think London the finest place on the planet.

For what man is to this planet, what the eye is to man himself, Poetry is to Literature.

A ton on some other planet, where the attraction of gravity is less, does not weigh half a ton.

With his gun loaded he could face the whole Mercutian planet.

No. 17); the third is the mother of the planet Jupiter (comp.

The beast and planet spirits of Yang Oerlang pressed the apes hard.