World [noun]

Definition of World:

planet, globe

Synonyms of World:

Opposite/Antonyms of World:


Sentence/Example of World:

I have sought for thee throughout the world, and at last I believed thee dead.

You live for immortality in this world; I live for immortality in another.

Paralus breathes and moves, but is apparently unconscious of existence in this world.

All pursuits that serve to connect the soul with the world whence it came are rejected.

A light not of this world is gleaming there; and it has grown brighter and clearer since we parted.

Of all countries in the world, there is none I so much wish to visit as Persia.

Now, all at once, he saw this to be a world in which dreams come more than true.

And she confides her grief to the world with such charming discretion.

I can tell by the way you start out—just like your pa fur all the world.

Why the world should have grown cold at that particular moment, we do not know.