Gnash [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gnash:

Coming back in the cars, I had a rencontre that makes me gnash my teeth yet.

He had begun to compose himself; now he had much ado not to gnash his teeth in the scholar's face.

A man might sob, gnash his teeth, batter walls with his bare fists, but that only meant he was alive in every fiber.

They are all grey, like ghosts; they no longer sing their beautiful tunes; they weep and wail and gnash their teeth.

Now, if ye were one of the cursed race of Campbell, ye would gnash your teeth to hear tell of it.

As sure as there is a God in heaven, shall these, who make money out of the sin of others, gnash their teeth in endless torment.

And how his congregation will gnash their teeth at him when they see to what his miserable ministry has brought them!

He used to gnash them at me; and when I had to ask him for money I didn't like it; but now I don't mind him a bit.

Ah, if this be the language of spirits, my dream has vanished; I am deceived, and must gnash my teeth in darkness.

The accounts of the sackings, fires and butcheries made him turn pale and gnash his teeth.