Grills [verb]

Definition of Grills:

broil food

Synonyms of Grills:

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Sentence/Example of Grills:

Bradford took over the grill five years ago and survived a few seasons of not making much money.

Last but not least, any portable grill worth using should still cook food efficiently and evenly.

Space is limited, so any camp grill worthy of the rare real estate in the truck bed would need to pack up small.

The included temperature probe, which connects to the digital control panel on the front, made it easy to cook our pork tenderloin perfectly without opening the grill and letting out heat.

If, like my husband, you enjoy splurging on high-quality meat and want to cook it precisely, the grill comes with all the features you need.

From the tables outside, one can see into the small kitchen, with its polished copper sauce-pans hanging about the grill.

So she nodded good-humouredly at her son and let the subject of the Piccadilly Grill drop.

Catching the grill with one hand as he rushed through the door, Shelby sought to slam it shut and latch it.

At their most adventurous they would lunch or dine in the neutral region of the grill-room at the Grand Babylon.

But it is the etiquette and tradition of the Grill, that whoever enters it must speak with whomever he finds there.