Hanger [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hanger:

Built with a removable hanger, it can be hung from your closet door or wall.

Undistinguished from any typical strap-hanger except perhaps by the light-hued eyes.

Lamb could visualize him putting his coat on a hanger, carefully folding a scarf over it.

A very serviceable hanger can be easily made of two clothespins of the clip type and about 2 ft. of large wire.

While still in humble circumstances and obscure, he was a hanger-on in the suit of the Governor of Africa.

The finished floor is laid over the hanger so that it does not show from the top.

"I am a bookseller's hanger-on—you are going to try your paces as a hack," Warrington said, with a laugh.

The first lieutenant being ordered to board the prize, went below to put on his hanger.

Griggs got to his feet and seized his hanger, his face like livid marble seamed with blue.

I took the precaution to have a hanger at my side and to slip one of Cockle's pistols within the band of my breeches.