Heredity [noun]

Definition of Heredity:

transmission of traits from parents to offspring

Synonyms of Heredity:

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Sentence/Example of Heredity:

Sometimes the intended insights have relied on simplified scenarios that shed light on scientific questions, such as Bell’s theorem or heredity, or on philosophical questions, such as elegance in mathematics or randomness.

“We as a species need to maintain the flexibility, in the face of future threats, to take control over our own heredity,” George Daley, the dean of Harvard Medical School, told an audience in Hong Kong in 2018.

Yes, heredity is indeed far more subtle than we’d guess from the simple Mendelian mathematical rules we learned in school.

Heredity decides how a man shall be bred; environment regulates what he shall learn.

Take away from a man all that heredity and environment have given him, and there will be nothing left.

As all men are what heredity and environment have made them, no man deserves punishment nor reward.

I doubt if most people, although they would call that a platitude, realize that heredity is anything more than a telling word.

As might be expected in this severer form of mental disturbance, heredity plays an especially important part in circular insanity.

The fruit of vice and poverty, they bring into the world hideous phenomena of heredity at their very birth.

But back in the inner shrine of my being I am a Spanish woman, true to my heredity.