Homunculi [noun]

Definition of Homunculi:

small person

Synonyms of Homunculi:

Opposite/Antonyms of Homunculi:


Sentence/Example of Homunculi:

Homunculus denotes the weak and powerless being called man, with reference to the whole race, in opp.

We are far ahead of Tristram Shandy, nowadays; the inferiority of the homunculus is no mere matter of accident or interruption.

The word imports what the Latins call homunculus, the Italians homunceletino, and the English mannikin.

Then came a yelling, a crashing among the branches, and a little pink homunculus rushed by us shrieking.

You men of the nineteenth century know only by reputation of our attempts to produce an homunculus, and a perpetuum mobile naturæ.

He dubs himself garrulus, presumptuosus, homunculus vilissimae qualitatis, who caps his impudence by writing unrequested.

He satisfied himself that the brain of this homunculus was discernible.

This Rabbi is said to have created an Homunculus which became so troublesome that it had to be incarcerated.

The homunculus in the glass sphere in Doctor Wilhelm's cabin appeared again.

If the homunculus who wrote this be still above ground, how devoutly must he hope he may be able to keep in the background!