Horribly [adverb]

Definition of Horribly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Horribly:

Sentence/Example of Horribly:

"Perhaps I can write to you," Hugh tried to console her, feeling horribly guilty and helpless.

Growling horribly, the enraged brute seized poor Pearson and shook him as a terrier dog shakes a rat.

The memory of the late scene was still horribly in his mind, but no vestige of it remained.

Pallid, Sir Lucien Pyne lay by the ebony chair glaring horribly upward.

Once or twice she had nodded upon her chair; and owned to herself that she was horribly sleepy.

The fellow ill-treated her horribly, but he taught her everything in the way of the predatory life that was to be learnt.

Ward pulled the shroud back, revealing a horribly mangled body.

You are right, but I can't help it; the idea that that man is her lover hurts me horribly.

It was too horribly suggestive; but his gaze was drawn back again against his will, and he saw the package vanish suddenly.

He must have been horribly worn out, for he had been up twice, but he was so steady and reassuringly quiet.