Jeweler [noun]

Definition of Jeweler:

jewelry maker

Synonyms of Jeweler:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jeweler:


Sentence/Example of Jeweler:

Several other people have been charged with crimes as a result of the federal investigation, including Leo Hamel, a prominent jeweler, and Lt.

An offer which Jane received from a very honest, industrious, and thrifty jeweler, aroused anew a mother's maternal solicitude.

Why, she dresses like a girl of twenty-fiveand acts that grown up, too, observed the jeweler.

To be gracefully and elegantly attired, in short, is secondary to the desire to be a sort of jeweler's walking show-card.

An Effendi took the watch yesterday to show it to Vartan, the jeweler.

"Then I can't give you anything," and the jeweler turned away.

If only the jeweler would recommend him to that foreigner, who must be setting out for Hongkong!

Placido was surprised to see the rich jeweler move through such places as if he were familiar with them.

You see, I am a wholesale jeweler, in Denver, and rare gems like those are directly in my line.

The jeweler submitted only to the ministrations of Don Tiburcio, and even to them with marked distrust.