Keyboard [noun]

Definition of Keyboard:

row of keys

Synonyms of Keyboard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Keyboard:


Sentence/Example of Keyboard:

Often it is easier and faster to type on a full size keyboard when responding to customer requests.

It is WAnon, because W is even farther to the right than Q on your sacred canvas, the computer keyboard.

Sure, there will still be hands-on keyboards, but it will be less so.

These days, the internet is a big help — you can learn a lot from the comfort of your keyboard.

If a hurricane is about to create havoc in your community, don’t just fill sandbags, hit your keyboard and use open-source technologies to not only help your community, but to scale solutions to help others.

One defining characteristic of full-size mechanical keyboards is the numeric pad on the right, just in case the numbers in the top row don’t count on their own for you.

The system will work with Bluetooth gaming controllers, but for my demo, I was stuck with the keyboard.

Convertibles are best if you will be using the device primarily as a laptop, as they tend to be sturdier and have superior keyboards.

I find it’s the perfect way to undo the hours I spend slouched over my keyboard during the workday.

That’s different from some other massive workstations, which restrict your options to separate mouse and keyboard controls.