Market [verb]

Definition of Market:

package and sell goods

Synonyms of Market:

Opposite/Antonyms of Market:



Sentence/Example of Market:

And I think he's going to whipsaw the market to a standstill this time, for sure.

It occurred to him that he could sell them at a market store in the village.

He is an old hand, who knows the market and frankly manufactures for it.

The fewer the marriageable girls, the higher their market value.

Tell briefly about the preparation of coffee for the market.

How can the quality of eggs be determined: (a) in the market?

You should well consider at the outset if for family or market use.

"He's travelin' up and down in the market," continues Faust.

And, in spite of these disturbances, business goes on briskly in the market of the wilderness.

Illusion is always in the market and can be had on easy terms.