Mastheads [noun]

Definition of Mastheads:


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Sentence/Example of Mastheads:

They saw the banner of Castile come fluttering down from the masthead.

Tom was at the masthead, endeavouring to pick up some landmark.

Signals of distress were seen at her masthead, but no boat could venture out.

That I might know his boat, I bade him fly a jack a little below the masthead.

The Miles passed while he stood there, the American flag flying from her masthead.

The crossbones as hung on the masthead o' the Spittin' Devil.

I fastened it at the masthead, so that we could hoist and lower the sail at pleasure.

Hounds were projections at the masthead, supporting the rigging.

The flag of England was seen to drop from the masthead of the frigate.

Sometimes from the masthead I could see the whole ocean alive with them.