Medications [noun]

Definition of Medications:

substance that helps cure, alleviate, or prevent illness

Synonyms of Medications:

Opposite/Antonyms of Medications:


Sentence/Example of Medications:

However, the comparison between the two medications is altogether in favour of that by hectine.

The morning heat was just beginning, but the food and medications had made progress easy.

Two other servants brought a table into Daoud's room, and Ugolini had the medications arranged on it.

Since all medications have potential side effects, we will look at these as well.

From whence notwithstanding we cannot infer the general efficacy of these Stars, or co-efficacy particular in medications.

Accompanying me was the moviecameraman, Rafe Slafe, as uncommunicative and earnest in his medications as before.

Means or medications to produce irritation to relieve deeper congestion.

Still other medications have been used with a similar purpose, and some, as we shall see, with more or less theoretical views.