Mowing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mowing:

He'll sell you a mowing machine and the grass seed to grow the hay to cut with it.

After a while Peer went down and drove the mowing machine himself.

The other men were as busy as ever mowing more hay and hauling in that which was cured.

The men were mowing this grass when Mr. George and Rollo were there.

I am going to the meadows, to see them mowing, I am going to see them make the hay.

Hamilton was mowing down the opposing batters with ease and grace.

Mowing machines and horse-rakes had not then come into general use.

All the mowing was done with scythes, and the raking with hand rakes and "loafer" rakes.

"Our fire is mowing them down by rows, but still they hold on," said the adjutant.

A man rounded the corner of the house before them, pushing a mowing machine.