Muffling [verb]

Definition of Muffling:

suppress, make quiet

Synonyms of Muffling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muffling:

Sentence/Example of Muffling:

The mist seemed to muffle voices as well as obscure the vision.

Pulou (pu-lo'u)--to muffle; to cover the head and face (p. 31).

It was what had been used to muffle his cries, and he saw it was a handkerchief.

On the wall hung their deadly guns, with silencers on them to muffle the report.

She tried to muffle the words with her hand, but his passion swept him on.

The square of the furnace which receives the muffle and fuel is 113⁄4 inches by 15 inches.

The decoration was often fixed in the "petit feu," or muffle kiln.

Another thing, do not try to plug your whistle and muffle your bell.

In her haste to muffle the bell, she had failed to tie her painter securely.

One ought to muffle oneself in a domino if one wanted to be unrecognised.