Organically [adverb]

Definition of Organically:

by nature

Synonyms of Organically:

Opposite/Antonyms of Organically:


Sentence/Example of Organically:

The old nations are organically fixed into classes, but America not.

Sentimentally I am disposed to harmony; but organically I am incapable of a tune.

If the liver is organically diseased, Apis is no longer sufficient.

Everything in Nature develops gradually, step by step, and organically.

He reads slowly and organically where others read with their eyes.

The conclusion is irresistible that he is organically morbid.

You were mentally degenerate, organically a fool, a wonderful snob.

These themes are included, but are shown as organically related.

The themes are eloquent, well contrasted and organically developed.

There was no other cause of death, for White was organically as sound as the average man.