Organizes [verb]

Definition of Organizes:

arrange, systematize

Opposite/Antonyms of Organizes:

Sentence/Example of Organizes:

He resolves to investigate, and organizes an expedition for that purpose.

Madame directs, regulates, organizes, administers everything.

Gilpin, too, organizes his characters' responses in pictorial focus.

It is not the body which produces life: it is rather life which organizes the body.

Again he retires to Dondon and organizes his forces to repel the Spaniards.

It organizes street patrols to secure the safety of the citizens.

Suppose that I plunge you into the abyss of Motion, the force that organizes Number.

But it is no defence at all of the vice which she organizes.

Soon after the adjournment of the convention, the national committee meets and organizes.

My nurse was one of that sisterhood whose charities call down many a blessing on the Church that organizes their benevolences.