Pancake [noun]

Definition of Pancake:

flat, round breakfast cake

Synonyms of Pancake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pancake:


Sentence/Example of Pancake:

He was good at this; he could have flattened the Vendome column like a pancake.

"His head's no'but a lump of puddin' and a daub o' pancake," thought Gubblum.

They are excellent when eaten with German pancake, fried bread or French toast.

Her nose is as flat as a pancake and she rouges something fierce.

Think I'm hankering about being smashed flatter'n a pancake, do you?

"I'm good for any kind of a pancake," said Jim heartily, and he was not exaggerating, either.

I would not change with them if they'd throw me in half a pancake a day.

It had taken all the strength I possessed to make the pancake turner effective.

Whatever it is, it will be flatter than a pancake when she gets through with it.

She'd be smashed flatter'n a pancake if she was in the middle.