Perpetuity [noun]

Definition of Perpetuity:

state of being perpetual

Synonyms of Perpetuity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perpetuity:



Sentence/Example of Perpetuity:

If it were otherwise, it might be delegated to a foreign prince, and delegated in perpetuity.

This day was declared by the Malolos Congress to be a public holiday in perpetuity.

What is the security of a tomb or the perpetuity of an embalmment?

But this force was no guarantee for perpetuity of influence.

For it was this belief in its own perpetuity that was its strength and weakness.

What, therefore, consists with the perpetuity and strength of the Union?

He directed that it should be worn by the grand masters in perpetuity.

So also their subjects address them by the titles of "Your Perpetuity, your Eternity."

Nor is this conflict, nor is its perpetuity, difficult of explanation.

Its perpetuity is linked closely with the resistance of all efforts at reform.