Persistently [adverb]

Definition of Persistently:

all the time

Synonyms of Persistently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Persistently:


Sentence/Example of Persistently:

The old man has 'persistently concealed his real nature' from Betty.

One cannot always be original and sparkling, and it is wiser not to try too persistently.

A bell rang in the house, loudly, persistently, tearing its silence.

But the voice continued to haunt him persistently, besiegingly, despotically.

In and out of every day persistently, desperately, endlessly we seek.

The newspapers have so persistently been keeping you before the world, every one wants to see you.'

She pushed me to it persistently, desperately, all the time.

It happened too often and too persistently to be accidental.

I was persistently unlucky, but I only lost a score of ducats.

I offered them chocolate, but they firmly and persistently declined.