Phenomena [noun]

Definition of Phenomena:

something known through senses

Synonyms of Phenomena:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phenomena:


Sentence/Example of Phenomena:

All of which phenomena were due solely to the rage that welled inside his heart.

We are a succession of phenomena very absolutely determined.

And nature furnishes no greater clue to the one set of phenomena than the other.

Nor is the one set of phenomena any more marvellous in its manifestations than the other.

It is important to know what the phenomena are, but it is yet more important to know how?

The phenomena of pregnancy, birth and suckling are known to all, so that I shall be brief.

These phenomena are of fundamental importance in the question of the sexual appetite.

Here the action of selection is necessary to explain the phenomena.

Sleep by suggestion is only one of the phenomena of suggestion.

But this is not enough, for these phenomena commence in infancy.