Poultry [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Poultry:

The woman ancestor kitchen-gardened, spun, wove, and nourished the poultry.

(a) How does the composition of poultry compare with that of meat?

The composition of poultry is very similar to that of meats.

What effect do the feeding and care of poultry have upon it as food?

Would it please you to give us some poultry to feed them with?

If intended for poultry, the slips of bacon should not be thicker than a straw.

This sauce may be served up with poultry, game, or beef-steaks.

They cherish the idea that somehow the poultry do all the work.

He is a great destroyer of poultry, but fortunately his species is rare.

It was the fish, the butter, the poultry, and the meat being sold.