Pudenda [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pudenda:

The men, at least, have no feeling of shame in connection with the pudenda.

In order that I might feast my eyes on her pudenda she must not wear drawers.

This suggestion is borne out by the figures of women with the pudenda exposed and often exaggerated in size.

The form of it resembled the pudenda of a man and woman lovingly joined in one.

If a woman gives birth to pudenda, the royal dynasty will be changed.

The malo is bound around the loins, after having passed between the legs, to cover the pudenda.

Men, though they may denude themselves completely when bathing, always conceal their pudenda from one another's gaze.

Thus, the ancients attributed to the lion a particular antipathy to strong smells, such as garlic, and the pudenda of a woman.