Reagent [noun]

Definition of Reagent:

acid-base indicator

Synonyms of Reagent:

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Sentence/Example of Reagent:

Tannin precipitates, and the precipitate is soluble in excess of the reagent.

Moisten samples of cotton and of wool with Millon's reagent.

Treat a sample of the flour in a test tube with this reagent.

If this is not the case a slight excess of the reagent is added.

It is a reagent which adds new qualities and rearranges what is received.

This reagent is usually added to the sol, after evaporation and before gelation.

In chemistry, as a reagent; and, owing to the cold produced during its solution, to form frigorific mixtures.

Its salts would be precipitable by barium carbonate; the gallium salts are thrown down by this reagent.

Apparently because it cannot be liquefied by the reagent disgorged by the worms.

The reagent that causes this liquefaction escapes my endeavors to detect it.