Reappears [verb]

Definition of Reappears:

come again

Synonyms of Reappears:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reappears:


Sentence/Example of Reappears:

She wished to reappear in the children of their child for ever.

Dick waited another five minutes, but the shadow did not reappear.

For some reason unconscionably delaying, the landlady did not reappear.

It was notified to her that she was forbidden to reappear at Court.

As a result, it disappears as soon as the sun is up and it will reappear after dark.

It is late in the season, and the nights are beginning to reappear.

If you should fail to reappear, there will be no one to trace you.

This truth will reappear at many points in the following discussion.

It is only "a very little while" before the High Priest will reappear.

A silence held the natives as they waited for Piang to reappear.